“Joohan Song is a special lawyer; he can properly diagnose a case in a heartbeat.  More importantly, Joohan flat out fights for what is right and never puts himself before his client.  Some lawyers are reluctant to keep pushing ­ not Joohan; his litigation record speaks for itself.”  

Andrew Levanthal, former colleague, attorney
- -

“Joohan is a passionate trial attorney who is aggressive in cross-examining hostile witnesses and eloquent in his final arguments. He is also unusually effective in obtaining favorable dispositions on behalf of his clients.  He truly fights for his clients.”

Young Bin Yim, former colleague, attorney
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“I was Joohan’s court partner for over a year and observed his interactions with clients on a daily basis.  He is committed to fighting for his clients’ interests, understands how to navigate the criminal justice system, and is a fearless advocate.”

Kasie W. Lee, former colleague, attorney, criminal law professor
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It was wonderful to work with Mr. Song. As my case began, I was curious about a lot of things and had many questions. Mr. Song answered and explained my questions clearly and in detail. While waiting for resolution of the case, Mr. Song always updated the status in a timely fashion. I wasn’t worried while I was waiting, and I had faith that Mr. Song would help me a lot. Thanks to the hard work by Mr. Song, my case was resolved well.”

M.K., Los Angeles
- -

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my criminal case.  He also saved me a lot of money by getting past traffic cases closed for me.  For the fee that I was charged I think he did way more for me than what was expected.  He even gave me legal advice after everything was all settled and done with.  That’s definitely going above and beyond for a client.”

S.L., Los Angeles
- -

“Joohan is an awesome attorney! I was arrested for a DUI and luckily I came across him. He went the extra step, utilizing expert witnesses and a well planned closing argument and we won the case. I highly recommend his services for he will take the extra mile.”

J.C., Los Angeles
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