Criminal Defense

Innocent or guilty, everyone has the right to a fair trial. The Law Offices of Joohan Song takes this fact very seriously and are here for you in your time of need. In addition to a fair trial, there are a number of other rights that can be used to help you mount a solid defense against the criminal charges being leveled against you or your loved one. With more than a decade of experience in criminal defense, Joohan Song is the attorney you want beside you in a courtroom.


Have you been wrongfully accused of a crime? Do you need a passionate attorney to plead your case and avoid jail time? This is not the time to represent yourself or rely upon an attorney who does not truly care about the outcome of your circumstances. Instead, this is the time when you want someone who has devoted his life to the pursuit of justice; someone whose entire adult life has been focused on fighting for what is right; someone who will make certain that your rights are fully exercised so that the truth can bring light to your dark situation. Contact the Law Offices of Joohan Song today if you or someone you love needs an experienced and competent criminal attorney who will go the distance for freedom and justice.


Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense


Q: I’ve just been charged with a felony, but I did not commit the crime in question. What happens next?

A: Now begins the lengthy process of sorting through the details of your case starting with a preliminary hearing. It is at this point that a good attorney will work hard to stop your case from moving forward by asking the judge that it be dismissed or, at the very least, that certain evidence be ruled out for use a future trial.


Q: How soon will my felony trial begin?

A: You not only have a right to a fair trial, but the law states that you also have a right to a speedy one. In felony cases, this means that your trial must begin within 60 days of your arraignment unless you give up your speedy trial rights.


Q: Can you guarantee that I won’t go to jail?

A: It would be irresponsible for an attorney to guarantee that you won’t go to jail. No one can give you that kind of assurance. But it is a guarantee that Attorney Joohan Song will use all of his resources, all of the knowledge he’s acquired about the law and all of his experience gained in a decade of fighting for others to try to keep you out of jail.


Q: I’ve already been found guilty of a felony crime, but I swear that I am innocent. Can you help me?

A: Attorney Joohan Song can help you mount an appeal of your original conviction provided that you are within the 60 days following the date you were convicted. He will focus on mounting a better criminal defense than you had the first time and will work hard to reverse the verdict you were given.

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